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Project 100

Small Oil Painting Studies

Project 100 continues, with an aim to create 100 diverse, small oil paintings.

Welcome to Jump Art!

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My name is Sue Bray, and I welcome you to my wonderful world where art and creative design are combined.

Our core day to day business is a professional full-service offering in Graphic Design and Print Production, with Art and Sculpture my personal passionate and dedicated pastime.

Creative Services

The professional Graphic Design and Production service offering provides high quality marketing and promotional materials to a wide variety of business customers. I personally have over 24 years of professional design, production, and IT experience and was previously a founding member of the Adobe Ambassador program in Australia and a Certified Instructor and trainer in the Adobe Creative Suite apps for over 19 years. I've held significant positions with News Corp businesses as Corporate Services Manager (Marketing and Promotions), Computer Services Manager and Graphic Support Specialist.

Jump is a small rocket team of three, (one admin and two designers) who create finished professional marketing and promotional materials to help your business shine. We don't cut corners, our work is precise, sharp, bright and technically sound. We collaborate online, our turnaround is fast and our skills solid. Our clients are our priority, and we have longstanding connections and trade pricing with a variety of print companies.

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Art and Sculpture

My passion for art began as a child and I went on to study Commercial Art & Graphic Design at TAFE. Over the years since, I have attended many classes and workshops with highly skilled and well known tutors. Today, my paintings are created using the skills and techniques learned throughout my life, using traditional methods, expressive techniques, and high quality materials to stand the test of time.

I hope this site creates an enjoyable and immersive online experience that inspires visitors. I simply love the technical aspects of graphic design and creative painting; solving rendering challenges, turning ideas into a finished product and providing high quality outcomes.

I love what I do and hope you enjoy your visit to Jump Art.

With gratitude, always. Sue

My Looney Tunes Story...

As children, my sister and I were not allowed much TV time.  Instead, we were given coloured pencils and paper to pass the time. With my love of horses, I didn’t draw much else. I’ve had other responsibilities too - a professional career in the printing and graphic arts industry across pre-press, newspaper production, IT management and a continuing career in graphic design and printing.

My desire for turning a thought or imagining into a painting that draws in the viewer, a piece which is individual and fabulous is a true passion. It’s also what fills the car when we travel on camping holidays and one that brings challenge, enjoyment and satisfaction.

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S3 Drawing
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S5 Packed Car